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Message From Lorraine Campbell, Head Teacher

Dear Parents and Guardians
Your child is important to us. At Eastmuir, we strive to present a positive atmosphere in which pupils will feel comfortable and can gain the confidence to achieve all that they can. We do this through encouragement and development of their existing abilities and offering new skills and experiences.
We appreciate your concern for your child and welcome your contribution, working together to support your child’s development and growth.
Eastmuir is a non denominational school which caters for boys and girls aged 5-12 who have moderate learning difficulties. 
Close links between home and school are one of the most important ways of helping children’s educational development. Throughout the year Parents’ Evenings are held where parents can discuss their child’s progress, see some of the current work of the school and have the opportunity to socialise with other parents.
More formal case management or review meetings will be held annually during each child’s school life. 
Less formal links will be available in the form of Home/School diaries for pupils, Homework diaries, monthly Newsletters, letters about school activities, project work and educational outings, etc. Parents are asked to use these contacts as a means of helping their child with school work – by showing interest, encouragement and co-operating with any request the teacher has made. Parents will also be invited to school from time to time to see new materials their child may be using or to find out more about work being done in school.
Parental help is welcomed with school events such as the school show, fund raising events, etc.